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Bathing Prices

Available by appointment.  Please call or text 1-406-369-0008 to book.

Extra Small Dog Bath - $25

Up to 20 lbs 

Brush and Blowout add $10

Small Dog Bath - $35

Up to 30 pounds

Brush and Blowout add $10

Medium Dog Bath - $45

Up to 45 lbs

Brush and Blowout add $10

Large Dog Bath - $55

Up to 60 lbs

Brush and Blowout add $15

Extra Large Dog Bath - $70

Over 60 lbs

Brush and Blowout add $15

Listed prices are guidelines and we reserve the right to charge different prices based on coat length, type and level of matting.   Any variation in price will be discussed at time of drop off.  We will not de-matt severely matted dogs.  If your dogs is matted we can refer them to our in-house groomer.

We love your dogs and do everything in our power to make them feel comfortable the entire time they are with us for their bath.

If your dog needs anti anxiety medication please administer it according to vet instructions before bringing us your pet.

We reserve the right to refuse service to any dog we do not feel comfortable bathing for any reason.  These reasons can include but are not limited to dog behavior and health.

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