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F1 Aussiedoodle - 50% Miniature Australian Shepherd 50% Miniature poodle

Suzie is zippy and playful, making her an absolute pleasure.  She enjoys her walks and is observant and curious.  Her deep brown eyes adorable black and white parti coat add to her stunning good looks.  

She has been an integral part of our daily lives for the last 3 months, being raised specifically for you.  He has been surrounded by laughter, playtime and a whole lot of love. Our efforts have included leash and kennel training and started on potty training.

Whether you are an active adventurer or a cozy couch enthusiast, Suzie is ready for it all.  From a lively walk in the park to snuggling up on lazy Sundays, he is the perfect fit.

What's included:

  • A bundle of joy that has been waiting to become a part of your life. 

  • A comfy bed for Suzie to settle into his new home.  

  • Some of her favourite toys.  

  • Complete health records for your peace of mind.

50% Mini Aussie and 50% Poodle.  He is minimally shedding and his wavy coat is easier to care for than the super curly coats.  

Located in Hamilton Montana. Ready to go home soon.  Delivery options available.  Cost of delivery not included in price.

DOB: January 16th

Ready to go home:  Dependent on the training level you want.


Adult weight is approximately 25 lbs

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